Coach Hire for Corporate and Private Groups in Sydney

Whether your team is in Sydney on business or looking for routine transport services across the greater metropolitan area, Peter Pan Coach Tours is ready to help. We have been providing group transport and corporate bus hire in Sydney since we launched in 2000, and our experience and commitment to service set us apart from the competition.

Today’s corporate clients have a range of transport options in Sydney. We understand that you have options – that’s why we are committed to going above and beyond the basics of reliable service. When you charter corporate coach hire in Sydney through Peter Pan Coach Tours, you’re booking much more than a shuttle service, though you wouldn’t know it from our affordable pricing scheme. Our fleet consists of five-star luxury coaches, each of which is carefully maintained and equipped with the following amenities:

  • Reclining seats (with seatbelts)
  • Adjustable climate controls
  • Television
  • CD / DVD player
  • Toilet facilities
  • Six spacious, through-door luggage bins

While some companies that offer corporate bus charter in Sydney are content to draw the line at comfortable, well-equipped vehicles, we insist on going a step further. Each of our drivers is carefully vetted and expertly trained to ensure the highest level of customer service.

In order to be hired as one of our drivers, it’s not enough to simply hold the appropriate license. Rather, our drivers are expected to conduct themselves according to our proud company image. That means they’ll arrive on time, professionally dressed and ready to accommodate your group’s special needs or requests. We know that you would not expect anything less from your employees, and that’s why we expect every bit as much from ours.

Eliminate Hassles on Corporate Outings

There are plenty of reasons to consider private coach hire in Sydney for your next corporate outing. To begin with, keeping your team together and organised from start to finish is a challenge that we can help with. By chartering one of our coaches, you eliminate the need to coordinate multiple cars and drivers – assigning passengers to vehicles, checking lists and making sure that all of your equipment makes it there with you. Our coaches can seat up to 48 passengers (and some more than that). Combined with our spacious luggage bays, this means your team and all of their equipment and belongings can travel in fewer vehicles. It’s a much more elegant transport solution.

Not only that, private coach charter in Sydney eliminates parking headaches. Whether you’re travelling to a conference centre, private function or hotel, the last thing you want to do is spend time trying to find places for everyone to park. On top of that, coordinating with all of your group members to reconvene upon arrival ends up wasting even more time and sets you behind schedule from the moment that you arrive.

By arranging corporate coach charter in Sydney with Peter Pan Coach Tours, you eliminate the need to concern yourself with any of these time wasters. Instead, your entire party will be dropped off right at the door, with all of your equipment in hand and ready to go.

We make corporate travel in Sydney safe, simple and affordable. Contact us today for a free quote, and find out how we can simplify your transport needs for an upcoming event.